We’re Committed:
To empowering you to make the healthy choices you’re looking for—and to helping you lead a healthy life.

We’re Passionate:
About dining programs that make it easy to eat well, and about nutrition and wellness programs that create a culture of health and wellbeing.

We’re Proud:
Of our dining services team and their deep experience in working with you to help you find the food that fits your life.

We’re Connected:
Our chefs and dietitians have years of experience and our health experts leverage the latest science and health information from trusted organizations like the American Heart Association.  Check out their latest healthy living ideas at FYP365.com.

Want to talk to someone on our team?

Nora Abraham, RDN, LDN

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For more information, you can connect with Jen, R.D., by email at campusdining@widener.edu or by phone at 610-499-4626. Just mention that you have a question for the dietitian and we'll be able to answer specific questions.